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How to buy a cheap phone | Tips & Guides


Look for refurbished or used phones. You can save between 30 – 50% if you buy a gently used or a reconditioned phone instead of a brand new device in sealed box.

Choose an older model. Discontinued phones released year or two years ago in many cases offer the same features and great hardware as the one released this year but are cheaper even 50 %.

Decide what you need from a phone; specify features you will use. Do not go for phones with features you will never use. In other words, why pay for something you actually do not need?

Don’t buy direct from the carrier store or the first local retail retailer you walk into. Search online for desired cell phone, compare prices and sales first across Internet. Using tools at Cheap Phones will expedite this process.

Buy online from trusted third party vendors, which buy handsets directly from manufacturers, participate in recycling, donation or collection programs.

Go tax-free shopping, buy online from retailers outside of your state. Avoid sales taxes. It is legal and it can save you a few dollars – up to 10% – depending on state sales tax in your area.

Search online for coupon codes which can be redeemed during the checkout process. Once you have selected the store and phone model, it is wise to make one more step further and search for coupon codes before finishing checkout. You can always save a few dollars, get a free shipping or receive freebie if you find a valid promo code.

Visit seller social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You may find there an exclusive information about upcoming events, sales, discounts and / or freebies or free shipping. It’s good to stay tuned.


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