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Girl Loses Phone At Festival, Then Finds Out It Had A Better Weekend Than She Did


Going to a music festival is the highlight of many people’s summers. While they do have their downsides (I’m looking at you portaloos), once you’ve trudged your way through the grime and dirt to pitch your tent, the real fun begins, and it usually starts with a drink (or three).

The pricey entry ticket soon becomes worth every penny when you find yourself singing along to your favorite band in a thousand-strong crowd – more often than not with glitter on your face and flowers in your hair. But when you’re a few drinks down, things can go very wrong.

Aside from people’s dignity, one of the most common victims of music festivals are cell phones. They get dropped in the portaloo, lost in moshpits, forgotten at the crowded bar and pinched by particularly cruel pickpocketers.

Let’s be honest, festivals and large social gatherings are essentially the main reason we all have cell phone insurance!

When you discover that your phone is missing, it can feel as if your whole world is about to implode. How will you contact your friends if you get separated from them in the crowd? How will you take pictures of your glitter embellished makeup? What will you use to record your favorite artist’s performance?

At that moment, it seems inconceivable to you that you’ll ever be reunited with your phone. Why? Because there are sadly very few genuinely good people in this world. Or, so you thought…

But what happened to 20-year-old Kelly Rennick at the Life Music Festival in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland, is a testament to the fact that sometimes when your phone goes missing at a festival, it’s not gone for good. In fact, it could be having adventures of its own…

Like the majority of people at the festival, Kelly decided to have a few drinks shortly after she arrived, and because of this, when her phone went missing two hours into her first night, she didn’t even notice until the next day. Naturally, she assumed it was lost to the festival forever.

Taking to Twitter to recount what happened next, the 20-year-old wrote, “Lost my phone 2 hours into Friday and a group of lads kept it for the weekend and vlogged their adventure at Life for me hahahaha & handed the phone into lost and found last night.”

“Hello, you. I found your phone but don’t worry, I’m not going to steal it,” says one of the “lads” at the beginning of the vlog, introducing himself.

“It’s in safe hands, I’m not that kind of guy. But I am going to take you on an adventure at this festival. So stay tuned, guys.”

To see the epic adventure that was recorded, check out the video below:

Admittedly, although there was quite a high chance that the phone itself was going to get lost again during the lads’ drunken antics, they were true to their word and kept it safe while simultaneously recording their weekend – dancing to the music, visiting a funfair and smoking something rather suspicious.

“Honestly, I was quite drunk when I realized it wasn’t back at the tent with me and I found it kinda funny!” Kelly said of the incident.

“I ran round my friends not panicked at all taking the p*** out of myself for losing it. The phone itself already had a smashed screen so I just accepted my loss and didn’t do much about it. (sic)”

“The next morning when I woke up and realized I’d lost my phone I was upset and annoyed at myself for not trying to find it that night!”

“I ran straight to the lost and found tent that Saturday morning but no luck! I checked a few more times that day and night and Sunday during the day too. I got more upset as the weekend went on about it being gone,” Kelly continued.

“Finally, when the acts ended on Sunday night I checked one more time and it was there. I actually couldn’t believe it!! Didn’t make sense really how it turned up two days later!”

Needless to say, it didn’t take Kelly long to find the lads’ video. She found it hilarious and decided to share it on Twitter where it soon went viral, receiving well over 220,000 views to date, and amazingly getting back to its stars at the same time.

“Hahah the boys just followed me on insta we found each other [sic],” Kelly wrote on Twitter.

After showing how brilliantly fun their weekend at the festival as on Kelly’s phone, the “lads” had acquired quite a few fans on Twitter who were also keen to follow them to see their future antics on Instagram. The 20-year-old was happy to point them in the right direction.

Kelly then went on to reveal that she and the boys had formed an unlikely friendship as a result of the video.

“They are actually lovely boys – obviously since they returned the phone rather than keep it!” Kelly revealed.

“We have great chats. They were so happy I got it back too as they weren’t actually sure that I would,” Kelly continued. “We’re all getting great banter out of it, to be honest.”

But it wasn’t just Kelly and the boys who enjoyed the video, the good people of Twitter were quick to not only watch the vlog but praise it too…

So if you’re yet to visit a music festival this summer, you might want to refrain from panicking if your phone goes missing – and if you happen to come across some poor soul’s lost phone, take a leaf out of these Irish boys’ book and use it to create a viral sensation!

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